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A small wiki run by Velvet Remedy, I'll add whatever the hay I feel like adding to it.

Fallout Equestria by Kkat

Here is the most amazing story in the world, waiting for you to give it a small little click!

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To-Do Plan.Edit

All right y'all, we got some mighty work ahead for us to do. We got...

1: Chat options: Done

2: Get VelvetBot to be a Bot.

3: Decide what this wiki is about and stuff. Probably fanfics.

4: Contribute and add pages and whatnot.

5: Think of things to do.

6: Repeat Number 4 and 5.

7: I can't think of more things that we need at this current time urgently.

B: Templates and stuff after 7. In Progress For The Forseeable Future

9: Add Fo:E and OC Emotes like Flufflepuff and other well knowns. Check.

10: Bet you mistook that 8 for a B.

11: Please disregard 10.

12: This message is not true.

13: Message me for ideas and stuff.

14: Edit the achievements.

15: The cake is a lie.

Latest activityEdit

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